Machine Intelligence Will be Human's Best Friend in Future

You could soon be sharing your coffee break with a robot. But wait they don't take breaks. They will go on working tirelessly so you can focus on more interesting and innovative work and might even free you up to take some occasional downtime.

Over the next couple of years, intelligent automation will be the most significant driver of enterprise transformation. It will help us move beyond routine workflow-based process automation that focuses on operational efficiency towards artificial intelligence-powered automation that enables optimized decision making. Here's how, by leveraging the right tools, intelligent automation will transform workflows from rule-based tasks to self-learning processes.By taking RPA one step further and combining it with computer vision, AI and machine learning (ML), we get cognitive RPA and that allows us to drive the automation of more complex processes.This leverages the powerful combination of AI, intelligent automation and human reasoning to fundamentally change how organizations capture and deliver value.

Lets take another look at cognitive RPA and virtual agents. Together, those introduce a virtual workforce of software robots and agents that will work side by side with human counterparts. By automating repetitive tasks, they increase volume and productivity, improve the quality of processes and free up people for more innovative work.